Daniel Garbin, an associate professor with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Queensborough Community College of the City University of New York, is also a multifaceted musician. His journey from an early love of geometry and number theory to a profound fascination with the guitar, music theory, and the intricate relationship between the physical instrument and the theory of music has been nothing short of remarkable.

Born in Baia Mare, Romania, his musical odyssey began at the Students' Club under the guidance of Professor Bertok, subsequently becoming a founding member of the jazz ensemble at the Baia Mare Art High School, under the tutelage of Professor Pauliuc. Upon the suggestion of musician Calin Ionce, Daniel's musical journey continued in Cluj-Napoca with the Big Band Gaio under the guidance of Professor Stefan Vannai. He also lent his exceptional guitar skills to a jazz quintet during his tenure at the Students' Culture House. Daniel performed alongside the Gaio Big Band and the quintet at the 1998 edition of the NAPOCENSIS International Jazz Festival, impressing audiences with his exceptional musical talent.

The United States beckoned, and Daniel answered the call, joining the band Cabana Rock as their lead guitarist. In this Latin rock ensemble, he brought a unique blend of influences from jazz, progressive rock, and Romanian folklore, enriching the group's Cuban-Puerto Rican-American fusion. Cabana Rock's performances took them to diverse venues, including the South Street Seaport, New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Pace University, Finally Fred's, La Cueva del Rock Club, and numerous street festivals.

Daniel's journey continued as he became a key member of INOAN, a jazz fusion group that performed at Waltz Astoria and recorded a string of timeless jazz standards. His dedication to the art of music led him to create his own renditions of compositions by guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani, showcasing his technical prowess and deep musical understanding.

The allure of Indian Classical Music captured Daniel's heart, and he immersed himself in the traditions of the sitar and raga interpretations. His ongoing study of this mesmerizing genre continues to shape his musical journey.

Currently, Daniel Garbin is an active participant in the vibrant New York City jazz scene, making regular appearances at the Jazz Forum jam sessions in Tarrytown, NY. His musical endeavors include co-founding The Professors, a duo and quintet project with the esteemed saxophonist Dr. Scott Litroff. In addition to his own musical pursuits, he selflessly volunteers in the jazz ensemble led by Dr. Litroff at Queensborough Community College, imparting knowledge and motivation to budding jazz guitarists.

Daniel is also a long-standing member of the jazz duo SiMiDaNi, a collaboration with Simona "Simi" Pop, where their chemistry and musical synergy shine through in every performance.

To complement his live performances, Daniel Garbin maintains a personal YouTube channel titled "Daniel Garbin," providing viewers with a diverse array of videos showcasing his musical endeavors and demonstrating his exceptional skill and creativity.

Daniel Garbin's contributions extend beyond his musical accomplishments; he is deeply committed to education, serving as a source of inspiration and guidance. His journey exemplifies the seamless integration of mathematics, computer science, and the rich world of music. Through his unwavering dedication, Daniel continues to make a meaningful impact on the music landscape, both locally and globally.