The interwoven realms of mathematics, music, and photography unveil a multitude of connections. Far from claiming completeness on this complex matter, the narrative below aims to shed some light on these associations, drawing from Daniel's personal experiences. Daniel, a mathematician by profession, currently holds the position of associate professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Queensborough Community College, City University of New York.

Daniel's passion for geometry finds its roots in the meticulously crafted technical drawing notebooks of his grandfather, resembling works of art, which captivated his young eyes. The pivotal role played by his grandfather and father steered Daniel toward mathematics and the teaching profession. During the early teens, a foray into playing the guitar led to the discovery of intriguing connections between music theory - particularly scales, chords, and rhythms - and mathematics. The construction of the guitar, especially the fretboard layout, also revealed mathematical parallels. The synergy between the love for music and mathematics intensified over the years. In his late teens, participation in a jazz-rock band in his hometown of Baia Mare, Romania, preceded joining the jazz Big Band Gaio at Babes Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, under the guidance of Prof. Stefan Vannai.

While the jazz scene in Cluj-Napoca held promise, the prospect of immigrating to the United States added another layer of excitement, albeit with a more convoluted journey than anticipated. Nevertheless, the intertwining of mathematics and music remained a constant in Daniel's life. In 2004, Daniel obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Queens College, where he pursued a dual-major in Mathematics and Computer Science. Subsequently in 2009, Daniel earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the CUNY Graduate Center, studying under the guidance of his mentor Dr. Jay Jorgenson and specializing in the field of analytic number theory. This branch of mathematics utilizes techniques from real and complex analysis, along with geometry, to address inquiries in number theory. Further details can be explored in the Mathematics section.

A trip to India in 2006, attending a math conference at the Harish-Chandra Research Institute, led to the acquisition of a sitar, marking the inception of a love for Indian classical music. Over time, participation in a Latin rock band with Cuban influences and involvement in a Latin-jazz project INOAN followed.

In the early 2010s, Daniel began exploring landscape photography, particularly through the technique of long exposure which brought to light striking parallels between this visual art form and both mathematics and music. Patience, persistence, problem-solving, and pattern recognition proved essential in photographing woodlands, mirroring the demands of mathematics and music. Above all, mastery in these endeavors required a substantial amount of practice. Further details can be explored in the Photography section.

Presently, Daniel stands as a notable figure in the dynamic jazz scene of New York City, regularly participating in the Jazz Forum jam sessions held in Tarrytown, NY. Among his musical ventures, he co-founded The Professors, engaging in both a duo and quintet project alongside the esteemed saxophonist Dr. Scott Litroff. Beyond his individual musical pursuits, Daniel dedicates his time to volunteering in Dr. Litroff's jazz ensemble at Queensborough Community College, acting as a guiding influence and a source of inspiration for aspiring jazz guitarists within the class. Furthermore, Daniel maintains a longstanding membership in the jazz duo SiMiDaNi, a collaborative effort with Simona "Simi" Pop. In their performances, the duo's chemistry and musical synergy consistently shine through, marking a testament to their enduring partnership.

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